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Due to privacy and age restrictions, some names have been removed.

"I appreciate Concrete LYFE for donating opportunities to my co-workers and me. Sometimes people in the healthcare field are too busy, and this allows us to create bonds between parents and children." - Keysa

"We appreciate Concrete LYFE for creating a safe space for fathers and their children to develop relationships, and for assisting us with resources to further our mission to help single fathers and their children." - Fatherly Justice Association Group

"Concrete LYFE connected me with Project Citizens to help me obtain our citizenship, guiding us through paperwork and providing resources to overcome language barriers and understand the citizenship process." - Laura

"I enjoyed throwing out the first pitch, and having my whole family there was perfect. I got to experience something I only thought famous people got to do." - Kayden

"I loved my courtside experience at a Celtics game. The energy was great, with rowdy fans and amazing plays, which brought me pure basketball joy before I headed back to college in New York." - Kevin

"We worked on our resumes and cover letters for all the jobs I wanted to apply to, resulting in three interviews and securing a new job." - Lulu

"I expressed joy in spending quality time with my daughter at various events, strengthening our bond." - Community Member

"I enjoyed watching my daughter and her friends sing and dance at Disney on Ice, cherishing the innocence of childhood." - Community Member

"We acknowledged Concrete LYFE's support in organizing events and furthering our mission to assist young people." - Beantown Slam

"I thank Concrete LYFE for providing free studio time and connecting me with mentors in the music industry." - Community Member

"I enjoyed attending multiple sports events in a year. These experiences improved communication with my father." - Community Member

"I really enjoyed attending the Terrence Mann basketball camp." - Community Member

"I am grateful to Concrete LYFE for providing the new Kobe Grinch sneaker for my basketball season." - Community Member

"I was able to send over 20 pairs of shoes and 100 other clothing items to youth in Cape Verde." - Maria

"I liked Concrete LYFE and FAJNN shorts. I was able to help design them and feel pride in seeing other kids wear them." - Junior

"I enjoyed the experience at Fenway Park with my brother." - Nathan

"I appreciated my experience at Massbio, learning about a new industry, and thanks to Concrete LYFE for getting me into the program." - Malanny

"I'm thankful for receiving assistance from Tony in launching my beauty product, from creating a blueprint to estimating costs and prioritizing tasks." - Gabi

"I enjoyed attending a Red Sox game and can't wait for another visit." - Chris

"I credited Concrete LYFE for enabling me to enjoy Boston sports events, including introducing family members to the joy of attending games." - Freddy

"My son had a positive experience at the Terrence Mann camp, learning new skills, gaining knowledge about prep schools and scholarships, and forming new friendships." - Leida

"I shared how Concrete LYFE helped me connect with the right people to expunge my record, leading to a fresh start after 20 years of staying out of trouble, but my record kept me from moving forward." - Community Member

"I appreciate how Concrete LYFE always sends me grants and other resources for me to apply to, helping my small business." - Community Member

"I used to hate baseball, but now I enjoy the game. It was fun trying new things and not always thinking about basketball." - Community Member

"I enjoyed playing golf on the simulator and really want to go play outside and learn." - Jayla

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