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Concrete LYFE was founded in 2022 by Tony Galvao to address systemic racism, economic inequality, and limited resource access in his community.


Inspired by Tupac's 'The Rose That Grew From Concrete,' This poem carried a powerful message of flourishing despite adversity, reflecting the challenges faced by the community.

Tupac's poem, written in the 1990s, remained relevant in 2022, echoing the enduring struggles of marginalized communities. It fueled the creation of Concrete LYFE, prompting a questioning of why so little had changed over the years and igniting a strong desire to make a real impact, starting in the community.

This observation led to the decision to create something that would provide positive reinforcement in the community, something people genuinely wanted to be a part of and that would help change the community's narrative.

Concrete LYFE

Concrete LYFE Inspiration: The journey of Concrete LYFE started with a deeply personal inspiration. I witnessed the significant impact of my grandfather's compassion in his Angolan community. His simple act of support saved my mother's life when she was just two years old, helping her escape a war zone. A boy my grandfather mentored came in the middle of the night to warn him that the village was going to be attacked, providing my family with the time to escape. The boy risked his life to save my family, illustrating the profound impact my grandfather had on his life. This story showed me the power of community and strongly influenced my belief in making meaningful change.

My Drive: Growing up in a violent Boston neighborhood, I was deeply touched by the dedicated community members who risked everything for the greater good. Their unwavering commitment taught me the incredible potential of ordinary individuals to bring about extraordinary change. Looking back, the only difference between me and many of my friends was the support I received and the opportunities.

Concrete LYFE

Tony GAlvao

Tony Galvao, dedicated to community service since 2013, has received recognition such as the "Hero Among Us" award from the Boston Celtics, a citation from the Governor of Massachusetts, and acknowledgment from the Harvard Phillips Brooks House Association.


Currently, he is an experienced non-profit professional committed to social justice, community empowerment, and youth development. With expertise in program management, fundraising, and strategic planning, Tony excels in fostering community engagement and partnerships for impactful change.


He has participated in educational activities at the Harvard Ed Portal, including Business Plan Development and Emotional Intelligence workshops. Additionally, Tony serves as a business mentor at Roxbury Innovation Lab and has taught DEI courses at MIT as part of the Building Impact program.


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